Marc Turner, (born Marc Anthony Turner Jr.), also known as RockfishGaming is a teenage Native American video game commentator known for his YouTube videos, vlogs in Atlanta, and funny 1v1 videos with his friends. Mostly known for his Let's Plays, loud screaming, and playing with friends. He started off YouTube doing videos on Assassins Creed Unity, Uncharted 3, and Call of Duty Black Ops 3. Currently his favorite videos to record and edit are 1v1 videos in which his rage and humor whenever he gets killed. He is not much of a fan of showing his face when it comes to games with face cam and reactions. As of April 2017, RockfishGaming has been on YouTube for 1 year. He joined YouTube in November 4, 2015.

Full Name: Marc Anthony Turner

Aliases: RockfishGaming, Rockfish, FishyGaming, Fish, and Fishy

Gender: Male

Residence: Orlando, FL(Birth Place) Atlanta, GA(Currently)

Affiliation: BC Flame, Frost Zek, Madden Kid, and TrippyTheMinecrafter

Nationality: Hispanic American or just American

Occupation: YouTube Let's Player


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